Keep Your Raver Dog Safe During The Festival

by Yotam Faraggi on July 09, 2019
Some ravers bring their dogs everywhere, even to the rave. If you chose to rave with your little friend, there are some things you need to take in mind. As you are aware, dogs hear so well. They can differentiate between the noises of engines of two cars of the same make and prick their ears when their master's car arrives - a feat impossible for most of us. They can hear about 40 times better than us. 

So now we know, our canine friends can hear the noises or sounds beyond our capacity and have a very wide spectrum of hearing. They can be greatly startled by the noise of crackers burnt long distance away. We all should behave responsibly and avoid the noisy crackers completely.

Festival Fears
What disturbs our pets mostly is the loud music. As common sense prevails what troubles humans is hell for pets. There are loudspeakers everywhere during festive season, which contribute to the heavy sound pollution. These are the circumstances that need to be controlled.

I have seen cases of dogs hiding as noise levels become higher and that is very traumatic for them. Dogs tend to stray away from their homes when frightened, hence, it becomes important to ensure they are safe and secure.

Some dogs can get very nervous and try to chew on things or bite people or even their owners on the slightest provocation during such times. I have also encountered cases of dogs attacking live crackers trying to take them in their mouth, biting the crackers and getting burnt in the process. Always remember that crackers can cause fear, aggressing or mental depression in dogs, so keep your pet monitored at all times.

I even came across a case where a puppy chewed on the ornaments kept in front of deity during worship and 'ate' them. The guardians of the dogs could not understand where the ornaments disappeared until the puppy was X-rayed. So be careful on this issue as well.

Feeding during festivals
Other important precautions during festive season would be regarding feeding of dogs.

  • Do not give sweets or fried, spicy foodstuff to dogs as it can upset their stomach.


  • Do not shift from normal feeding practices.


  • Do not keep sweets in the box open as your lil' one can eat the whole lot and get sick.


Various treatments advised:
Homoeopathic :
  • Phosphorus: Use when the dog is easily startled by noise and leaps suddenly when you drop something.


  • Borax: Use when the dog startles greatly even if the noise is a long distance away.


  • Aconite: Main fear remedy. Use when response are rapid and violent. Use doses in low potency - 3x, 6x, 3c, or 6c.


  • Ayurvedic: Mental syrup (Himalaya drugs) or Anxocare syrup (veterinary formulation) I tspfull three times a day or a tab each of medicines mentioned above is recommended a s a behaviour modifier, anxiolytic and mood elevator.


  • Allopathic: These are very potent and should be used under a veterinarian's guidance only. 


Choose The Right Event

So we know that some of the summer music festivals are not the best place for your dog, some of them are too crowded with people and it could freak out your dog, and some of them are too noisy for him, choose the right event for your dog, the ones that he will have a quiet space to play and nice people to play with. Remember, your dog is not a human, he doesn't feel and experience things like us and he is definitely not aware of what raving is, don't force him to experience everything you enjoy.


In conclusion, bringing your own dog to a festival is not an easy thing to do, you have to take a lot of responsibility during the celebration and it is something you need to have constantly in mind. but if you choose to do it, take care of your little friend and be aware of him for the whole time.


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