5 Winning Tips For the COZIEST home!

by Yotam Faraggi on October 21, 2020

We all want to have the perfect home, the perfect living environment for our taste and needs. especially now, when we all forced to stay home more than ever before, to work, study and live at the same place, we need this cozy place that will make us feel happy and calm.

To celebrate our new exciting boutique home collection, we decided to share with you our most useful and practical tips for the coziest home! 
So get cozy and let's get started...

1) Small items can make a BIG difference! 

Well, let's talk about Livingroom for example. When you're sitting on your sofa, what do you see around you? try to think of it like this: no matter where you look, we should have something nice to look at, something that makes you happy. a picture, a small vase or a pair of candlesticks might just be exactly what you need. 

Mermaid Mugs
Bohemian Wood Hanger

2) Light the room-Light your life 

When it comes to designing the perfect atmosphere, it all starts with lights. prefer warm light over white light in places you want to have a pleasant, quiet and cozy feel. Candles and fairy lights are all welcome. 

Egyptian Candlesticks

3) Textile Fairytale

Textile is probably what dreams are made of. a soft bohemian throw blanket, a handmade natural knitted rug, squishy pillows like little clouds of happiness and relaxation. Try to combine different textures and patterns, different colors and shapes, it brings more of this unique warmth and homey feel. 

Cozy Throw
Cozy Pillow Covers
Pillow Cover Decoration

4) Unconventional Combinations

You don't have to go all the way with just one style. We encourage you to try to mix between different styles to create you own special home that will suit your spectacular personality! try boho and Nordic, vintage and modern, eastern and western... no rules in love and décor, if it works- it works! 
Ethnic Wood Bowls
Modern Birds Statues

5) Make it yours! 

No matter what style you choose, always try to go with your guts and stay true to yourself. try to avoid too much trendy items. not that trendy is bad, but you don't want your home to become dated. Designing your own home is a great opportunity to connect with your inner self, to truly think about your own special esthetics, your own special taste. Just go to our special boutique collection and start browsing, it will surely give you some inspiration! 

Cat Bed Swing
Scandinavian wall art

 Good Luck! 


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