5 Tips To Make 2019 Your Year!

by Carmel Faraggi on January 03, 2019

Happy new year Ravers!
We feel like 2019 is going to be extraordinary! don't you?
Either you danced your way to 2019, or stayed home watching the fireworks on tv, we hope you had a wonderful new years eve, but most importantly, did you make any special decisions for this year?
A new year is an opportunity to make some new targets in your life, so we thought of 5 tips for you to make this year count. thank us later.

1. Explore yourself, Invent yourself
Don't just follow everyone else, try to find your true style of the true you! Experiment with new colors and shapes in order to find what brings out your personality in the most awesome way and shine brighter than ever!
2019 is the perfect time to get out of this shell and expose the new and improved version of you. We are not talking only about fashion, but we do believe fashion is a great place to start with.


2. Love nature
It is no secret that spending time outside, in the open air, surrounded by green trees and fresh grass, is definitely good for you.
Try to take a walk in the park every now and then. Connecting with nature will help you connect with yourself. don't forget to use sunscreen.

3. Build friendships
We can't be fully fulfilled when we are lonely, and we can't learn everything by ourselves. More people in your life will bring more joy. this year we make sure we build and maintain friendships. Choose them wisely.


4. Give more
Whatever you can, whatever you want. Be kind. Make people happy. Make people laugh. Just give, and life will give you back.

5. Be happy
This is our friends, what ravers-culture is for. 2019 will be the happiest year of your life if you dance like a true raver and follow your dreams!


We hope that we helped you get inspired for your new year. Don't forget to check out our store catalog and get yourself rave ready for 2019! 

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